Hurricane Harvey: How to Assist During Natural Disasters from the Workplace


Over the past week, we have been hearing all about the catastrophic Hurricane Harvey that has hit Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. This hurricane was disastrous and has left thousands of people with no shelter, clothing, food or water. Animals have been stranded and pets have been abandoned and left behind. As so many, myself included, sit here from the comfort of our offices or homes, thinking about what we can do to help.  Below is a list of a few suggestions on how we can assist from our places of work and become part of the effort to assist in this time of need

  1. Does your company have a special interest in animals? CYB does! Consider donations to Austin Pets Alive!, which has already taken in more than 200 animals left homeless by the storm.
  2. The American Red Cross has made it easy for individuals to donate small amounts that add up to big relief. Text REDCROSS to 90999 to give $10. Charges will appear on your wireless bill, or be deducted from your prepaid balance. Companies can become corporate partners with the Red Cross
  3. Diapers are not an item that disaster relief organizations often supply. You can pay for diapers for babies, seniors and others who need them via Texas Diaper Bank. 
  4. Food banks may bear the brunt of relief efforts. We learned throughout previous disasters that it may be better to donate money instead of supplies, as delivery trucks may not be able to reach storm-damaged areas. Feeding Texas is a network of the state’s food banks.


In addition to these suggestions, there are many other ways we in the workplace can assist those in need.

Are there employees in your office who may have lost homes, vehicles or other property in the storm? They may need time off to focus on family and personal situations. Schools may be closed and no childcare available. Consider offering alternate work arrangements, allowing unscheduled leave and leave without pay. In addition, a workplace can create a leave donation program. A leave donation program is a great suggestion for companies who provide PTO. PTO can be donated to the employees in need.

There are many ways to help and we hope to do as much as we can to aid in the relief. If you are interested in learning how to organize a program to assist with the Hurricane Harvey relief, please reach out to us directly. We would love to be part of helping your team help others! We are looking forward to working with you through the process and assisting you with any of your Human Resource needs.

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