Build Your Resume

A resume is your time to shine! Generally, companies receive 50 to 75 résumés for each skilled position and up to 300 for customer-service and entry-level positions. You need to stand out! A recruiter or hiring manager only gives most résumés an initial 10-30 second glance! That means you have less than THIRTY seconds to differentiate yourself from your competition!

Allow our Certified Human Resource professionals create the perfect resume for you! We know what HR Professionals look for when reviewing resumes and we will create a resume that is sure to catch the eye of the right person!

A few tips to keep in mind when you are looking for a job:

  • Clean up your social media presence! Although you may not believe it, 70 percent of employers say they’ve turned down candidates because of something negative they found online! Google yourself and see what comes up. If it is something you can change (like a Facebook post or tagged picture) be sure to do that!
  • Update your LinkedIn! Be sure that your LinkedIn has your most updated positions, job titles, and education. If possible, have some co-workers or even a past boss write a recommendation!
  • Put it out there to your family and friends that you are in the market for a new position! Most positions come through referrals! You may know someone who knows of a position that would be the perfect fit for you!

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