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Perfect for trusted partners of small businesses. We offer Accountants, Attorneys, Insurance Brokers, and other small business specialists the ability to provide their clients with the best and trusted outsourced HR support. 

01. strategy

Do you have clients who are struggling to understand all they need to know about HR and their small business? All we do is HR. We can help your clients organize their HR to be more strategic instead of chasing fires daily.

02. protection

Are your clients feeling like each decision being made could be a potential lawsuit or EEOC violation resulting in massive fines? That is because each decision can have that weight. It is important that all companies have an HR professoinal on their team.

03. cost-effective

Do your clients think they can’t afford HR? We will provide your clients with the ability to work in a more modern fashion with employment experts rather than hiring employees that will need years of training and experience in-house.

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Proven Success

Why partner with CYB?

We have the ability to meet small business owners where they currently are instead of forcing them into a box they do not fit in. We offer the opportunity to create individualized HR plans for each small business. 
With a team of Certified HR Professionals on your side and on speed dial, you will sleep better at night knowing that you and your clients will be taken care of each step of the way.
As part of the CYBHR Referral Program, you will have the opportunity to:
  • Earn commissions
  • Access your own partner portal
  • Have your own dedicated HR Director
  • Experience quick response times
  • Schedule calls directly on your HR Director’s calendar
  • Save your clients time and money
  • Get access to marketing materials
  • Join for free, with no minimums

Number of charges of workplace discrimination received by the EEOC in fiscal year 2019. - U.S. DOL


Percent of all discrimination charges that were retaliation based in fiscal year 2019 - U.s. DOL

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The Best compliment is a happy client

We don’t need to tell you that partnering with us is a good idea – you can hear it directly from our amazing Clients!

We are proud to have been in business since January 2015. After working with so many clients, and over 15 years of HR experience,  you can trust us to make sure that your business has only the best support in every area of your HR needs.

i Have been where you are, diong it all.

A Word From Our Founder

Katie Spadoro

Katie spadoro, phr

Founder of CYB Human Resources

“As a business owner myself, I know we are all doing our best to operate a successful, healthy business. However, as I am sure you know, no one can predict the future and do it all themselves. Trust me, I have tried.


We are the highest and best-reviewed HR consulting team in Oklahoma for a reason. You will never be just a number.

With clients from practically every industry, you can trust our range of experience and knowledge of what you need to keep you and your business safe.”