In order to keep the right personnel on staff, you need to first hire the right talent, then keep those valued employees on board as they advance in their careers. That begins with creating the right job descriptions and pay structures for each position of need. We not only ensure that descriptions are written in order to bring in the right candidates, but also so they avoid discriminatory language and other common issues. Through competitive analysis, we also educate you on the wages of specific positions in order to allow you to make realistic, competitive offers to the individuals of your choice. Our services also help you stay compliant with the Fair Labor Standards Act in deciding what positions should be salaried, and what employees deserve exempt or non-exempt status.

Once employees are hired, it’s important to reward them for a job well-done. With our help, you can develop and implement reward and recognition strategies that are customized to fit your company and each of your departments. This includes bonus and compensation structures designed to keep employees working upwards and earning more.

Contact us for help creating a system that welcomes talented individuals and creates life-long employees.