The average annual cost of a certified, in-house Human Resources employee, based on survey data, can cost you anywhere from 40K-200K annually plus benefits, bonuses, etc. And if that seems high…the cost of not being prepared to handle a lawsuit or a discrimination claim can be even more costly! At CYB we help you Cover Your Bases at a fraction of the cost! We are able to deliver high-quality Human Resource consulting planning for less due to a few factors, including the fact that we are connected to you virtually, via email and phone, so we don’t have the same overhead associated with a brick and mortar operation. CYB offers you an HR Director’s advice at a fraction of a price! You will only pay for what you need and have pre-approved. You will consistently receive high level certified Human Resource Director advice at the click of a button or a dialing of a call. We are here for you when you need us, and will be there for you in the background to support you at any time!