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Our Termination Packet Provides You With:

  • Termination Discussion Template

  • Standard Operating Procedure

  • Corrective Action/Termination

  • Employee Corrective Action Form


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Our Clients Experience

Our clients are typically small business owners that want to provide employees with a positive, harassment-free culture, without costs associated with hiring in-house HR.

CYB Human Resource provides HR Experts and organized internal process management that allows company’s clarity and peace of mind that their HR is being managed legally.

CYB will ensure that you spend less time spent focusing on the legalities surrounding every business decision and termination, more time spent on healthy growth! 


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Don’t handle your HR alone

Most small businesses have HR concerns that they need help addressing and are not sure who to trust.  

Due to the endless number of laws that affect small businesses, many business owners may feel anxious, pressured, or incapable of making the right decision.

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Our Specialties

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  • Employee Relations
  • Hiring and termination
  • Performance Reviews
  • Strategic Planning
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Protection from Unemployment and Discrimination Claims
  • Job Descriptions
  • Employee KPIs
  • Employee Complaint Investigations

Small Business HR Management

What We Can Do For You

Our team of SHRM-Certified HR professionals have years of in-house and HR consulting experience.

We work alongside you to create and implement policies and procedures that will transform your culture and decrease turnover. We help you manage your employees and protect your business from employment lawsuits.

You can even book a free HR assessment and speak with one of our HR professionals now!



During our initial HR Bootcamp, you will be given everything you need to be successful and avoid a lawsuit. This process provides you with the peace of mind, knowing your bases are covered when it comes to your company’s HR. 

Certified HR Experts

Our team of SHRM-Certified HR experts are available to you, 24/7, taking the pressure off your shoulders as the business owner.  With a solid HR strategy in place, we will help you grow your business with peace of mind, having all of your HR bases covered. Our Tulsa Small Business HR team will manage it all for you.

Confidence in your HR decisions

While working with us, you will know the business decision your are making is the legal one. You know you have everything in place to avoid an employment lawsuit.

A solid infrastructure allowing growth

Having an infrastructure in place to support a healthy company is paramount to the company’s success. We will put the building blocks in place for you so your business continues to flourish.

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