CYB Human Resources is the Best Human Resources Team in Oklahoma and the highest rated in the entire state!

We are an HR management consulting team that can help you structure your small business to keep you compliant with all the current regulations and avoid liability.

We offer a variety of services tailored to your industry and your specific business.  We work with businesses of ALL sizes and the truth is that it is NEVER too early to get it right the first time! It is actually more beneficial to begin preparing for your growth now so when it continues, you are on the ball! What are these services and why is HR even necessary for your business?  Here are some of the services that the best human resources team in Tulsa can provide and why each of these services will help your business grow!  All of our services are tailored to your business’ specific needs.  With CYB, you pay for just what you need!

  • FREE Human Resources in-depth audit is included with ALL retainer options and is our first step in getting you prepared for growth! This audit will provide you with the information to prioritize the concerns regarding the gaps you may have in your organization. From that point, we can help you move on a path to complete all tasks as they arise. We know that HR can sometimes fall to the bottom of the list when other issues must be handled and your consistent meetings with your Certified HR Pro keep you accountable when it comes to your HR needs!
  • HR Bootcamp: CYB offers an HR Bootcamp which is a quick way to get your business covered in under 6 weeks!
  • Handbook: The handbook is the base building block for all things HR. It is important to have an employee handbook as a communication resource for both the employer and the employee. If done correctly, handbooks can protect the employer against discrimination claims, unfair treatment claims, and other types of lawsuits. If your current handbook is not updated regularly and reviewed with all employees, you may be very open to a lawsuit. Additionally, handbooks can assist employers in fighting unemployment claims, thus saving your organization money in claims and keeping your experience rating low. CYB, the best human resources team in Tulsa, will review your current handbook and provide you with a new handbook which we will update for you annually.
  • I-9 Audit: An I-9 is the government document that verifies that an employee is authorized to work in the United States. All United States employers are required to properly complete I-9s for all of their employees. I-9s are required to be stored on-site and made available if an authorized government official (ICE) comes for an inspection. I-9 completion can be tricky, and the penalties can be high, ranging from $110 – $1,100 per violation/employee, but CYB can help you with the process. CYB, the best human resources team in Tulsa, can audit all of your current I-9s, train your managers on how to properly fill out the form to avoid violations, enroll your organization in E-verify and train your managers on the system, and assist with storage and retention of I-9s.
  • Offer Letter: An offer letter is a critical first step when hiring a new employee. An offer letter clearly spells out the employee’s job title, compensation, benefits packages, and reinforces that the employment is at-will. CYB can help you create offer letters for new employees or create an offer letter template for you to edit and use yourself. Offer letters work hand in hand with job descriptions to make sure expectations are clear for new employees and help prevent any future lawsuits.
  • Customized Corrective Action Packet: CYB can create a customized corrective action packet for your organization. Corrective actions are a vital part of a progressive discipline policy that provides many benefits to employers. They provide structure and predictability to the discipline process, provide a basic set of steps for front-line managers to follow, and most importantly are instrumental in defeating discrimination, unemployment, and other work-related claims. Your corrective action packet will include forms used for verbal warnings, written warnings, terminations and other forms of discipline. CYB can also train your managers on how to handle difficult disciplinary meetings and terminations. We can be “on-call” to help you write a corrective action after an incident has occurred, sit in on a discipline meeting, or lead a termination.
  • FLSA Review: The Fair Labor Standards Act prescribes standards for wages and overtime pay and applies to virtually all U.S. employers.  The best human resources team in Oklahoma can help you sort through the FLSA’s requirements for your specific organization. We can audit your workforce and ensure that all of the employees you have listed as “exempt” actually meet the duties test specified by the FLSA. Fines can be up to $2,000 per violation for incorrectly labeling employees or violating overtime/pay laws.  One of the biggest changes in HR in 2019 was the Department of Labor’s change to the overtime law.   As HR professionals, we want to make sure all of our clients remain in compliance when the new salary requirements go into effect.
  • External Email Address: CYB offers the option of an external email address for our clients. This means that we would create an email that would come directly to us for all general HR inquiries. This gives you the ability to outsource your liability for HR issues and provides your employees with a confidential and unbiased person to turn to with any issues. You can try out the HR email address for a month and cancel at any time.
  • Compensation Analysis: Are you having any difficulty attracting or retaining talent? Do you ever wonder if you are paying your employees the right amount? CYB can provide you with a compensation analysis for your organization. The analysis will be specific to your location (can include multiple locations if you are a multi-state employer) and your industry. Accurate compensation data will help your organization attract and retain top talent. Compensation data also helps to ensure that you are paying your employees fairly, thus limiting the risk of unfair wage and pay equity claims.
  • SOP Creation: CYB can create Standard Operation Procedures for any difficult HR task you have. These include hiring, drug tests, workplace injuries, what to do when an employee tests positive for marijuana, performance reviews, etc. We are experts on all things HR and can help train your managers and layout the process to make it simple and easy-to-follow for them.
  • FMLA Management: CYB offers help managing the complete FMLA process – from training your front-line supervisors to know which type of requests trigger FMLA, to guiding your employees through the process, including all the paperwork and doctor’s notes, etc. Even if your organization is not large enough for FMLA to be mandated, CYB can help you with administering medical or personal leaves. Do you know what your plan is if you have a pregnant employee or an employee with a new baby at home? CYB, the best human resources team for HR in Oklahoma, can help you craft a policy for maternity/paternity leaves or other various personal leaves so that you have a standard answer ahead of time and are fair to all your employees.


CYB truly is the best human resources team for HR in Oklahoma. Give us a call at 1-833-CYB-ASAP or send an email to We look forward to hearing from you!