Cover Your HR Bases without having to hire another full-time employee.

No matter the level of HR support, you need right now,
we are the perfect fit for you.

Your Complete

Human Resources Solution

HR Bootcamp

Our HR Bootcamp puts the necessary HR Infrastructure into place, that way, you can grow your business knowing that your HR basics are in place and that your company is ready to support your growth.

The HR Bootcamp Includes:

  • Customized, Industry-Specific Employee Handbook
  • HR SOPs (Hiring, Corrective Action & Termination, Workplace Injuries)
  • Complete Library of Customized HR Forms
  • Employee Handbook Rollout & Anti-Harassment Training
  • Management Training

Complete Outsourced Human Resources

We work alongside whoever is currently handling your HR.

Whether you currently have in-house HR who could use the additional support of a CYB SHRM-Certified HR Assistant;

Or maybe you have someone managing internal HR, such as an office manager or Accountant. Someone who may only need high-level HR support on occasion when making business decisions such as terminations.

HR Hotline

Our outsourced Human Resources Hotline can help stop the following in its tracks:

Theft, Management Fraud, Internal Control Weaknesses, Substance Abuse, Safety Violations, Discrimination, Sexual Harassment, Vandalism, HIPAA Violations, and much more!

Protect Your Business, Your Employees & Your Reputation!

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