Our company is too small for CYB

You're never too small to get things done the RIGHT way the FIRST time.  Our clients range from employee size of 10-1000.  No matter what the size, if you have people to manage, you need CYB.

My turn over rate is climbing

If your goal is a lower turn over rate, then it becomes our goal as well. We will walk through the problem with you, identify the areas of concern and develop solutions that will work for your unique company.

My HR Department is my biggest drain

We will evaluate your HR issues, make suggestions and help to implement
procedures that will ensure your HR Department is the least of your worries when it comes to running your business.


Human Resources Consulting

Tulsa & Oklahoma City

Human Resources is rarely among the first concerns of new business owners, but as your company grows, failure to adequately invest in human resources can lead to significant personnel issues including low employee retention, and lawsuits.

CYB Human Resources is an HR and management consulting company, which means we’re here to help you structure the back-end of your company to keep you compliant with current regulations and avoid liability.

Our business is built on trust and relationships. We offer one-to-one consultations and support, which enables us to get to know you and your business in order to offer realistic recommendations that will make a significant and lasting impact on your office.

Put simply, at CYB Human Resources, we help you Cover Your Bases.

  • Focus Areas

    • Sexual Harassment Training

    • Custom Employee Handbook

    • Terminating Employees

    • Hiring

    • Training and Development

    • Employee Relation

    • Compliance With Local, State, And Federal Law

Success Stories
We've been able to help clients reach their HR goals.

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