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We replace the need for an in-house HR Manager at your company until you truly feel it is time. We will protect your company from the ground up.

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01. Strategic

Our team of Certified and Insured HR Professionals can assist you in strategically building out the Human Resources area of your company. Whether you are just trying to grow or even just preparing to sell, a fully functioning HR department is a requirement.

02. Confident

While working with us, you will know the business decision you are making when it comes to your employees is the legal one. You know you have everything in place to avoid an employment lawsuit.

03. Growth Oriented

Our team will provide you with the support you need to maintain an environment at your business free of harassment and employee issues while you continue to grow successfully.

What an average employee lawsuit will cost your company (USD)

Scary Statistics

The Numbers Don’t Lie

If you have employees, you need Human Resources. Employees are your most invested in asset. You spend time and money training your employees and our goal is to help you retain the best talent, continue to grow, and sleep better at night.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter if you are a “family-owned business” or “even if you know all of our employees.” We have heard it all. The reality is that it only takes ONE disgruntled employee issue to snowball, and we promise that you will wish you had your HR team in place to handle it.

Individual Charges Filed Against Small Businesses in 2020

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We don’t need to tell you that partnering with us is a good idea – you can hear it directly from our amazing Clients!

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