Manage Your

One-Time HR Issue With CYB’s HR Rescue Service

Sometimes you just need a Certified HR Director to act as your sounding board, we’ve got your back. When the issue is delicate such as harassment, discrimination, an unbiased investigation, or any concern involving your employees, it must be handled properly from the first step.
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HR Rescue Consult

When a delicate situation arises at your business, whether it is harassment, discrimination, the need for an unbiased investigation, or so many others, it is important to manage it properly from the first step.

The first HR Rescue step is completing an upfront consult with your SHRM-Certified, Dedicated HR Generalist to truly understand your HR concern. This allows us to provide optimal HR support when building out your most efficent plan of action.

Next Steps

Following your initial consult, SHRM-Certified, Dedicated HR Generalist will review the issue and provide considerations and guidance.

These considerations and guidance are based on our years of experience to ensure that your upfront HR issue does not snowball into an EEOC charge or a lawsuit. 

You will have the opportunity to review the pros and cons of each solutions and decide alongside your HR Generalist which route you wish to take.



Once you have reviewed your considerations, your SHRM-Certified, Dedicated HR Generalist will assist you in implementing your decided next steps. The situation will be documented in-depth and a report will be provided to you for future use if needed.

Engaging CYB Human Resources to manage your one-time HR issue is simple, quick and a no-brainer. Our team will take the pressure off your back. That way, you will know whatever decision you make will be the legal one.