HR 911
Do you need HR help now?

CYB’s HR 911 serves as a vital lifeline for immediate assistance tailored to the specific needs of your small business.

Whether faced with a workplace injury demanding a swift response, a harassment issue, or an unexpected termination, our dedicated team is poised to provide rapid and effective support.

We streamline your process by guiding you through the necessary and legal steps that are needed at the moment.

During this HR power hour, we provide comprehensive HR support, addressing disputes, compliance issues, and other challenges unique to small businesses. We prioritize confidentiality and empathy, offering a trusted and compassionate resource to navigate through crises with peace of mind.

Sign Up

Sign up for a quick consult with our HR Experts with the click of a button. It is that simple.

One-Time Fee

Our one-time upfront fee allows us to assess your unique situation comprehensively, offering clear and insightful guidance to effectively navigate any HR challenge you encounter.

Continued HR Support

Should you require further assistance post your initial consultation, your assigned HR Expert remains readily available to provide ongoing support. CYB provides various options for a continued partnership, ensuring support until the resolution of your HR issue is achieved.