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HR Case Study – COVID 19 Outbreak Management at a Retail Location to Maintain Safe Environment for Employees

Location: Oklahoma, USA

Following a COVID-19 outbreak at the client’s retail location, the client reached out to CYB for guidance on the next steps.

At this time, the client had no COVID-19 policy in place and had no specific process on how to manage COVID-19 at their company. The client had a general idea of what they wanted the policy to be, however, it was very specific and not all-encompassing.

CYB first worked with the client to manage the current situation, two employees were out sick with symptoms and wanted to come back to work. One employee had told the manager that they were “fine” and had gotten a negative COVID test, however, they lived with a partner who still had symptoms. CYB reviewed the most updated policy CDC recommendations and assisted the management team in their next steps.

Following immediate management of the issue, CYB built out a Standard Operating Procedure for the management team to utilize in the future, a policy for the company to add to their employee handbook, and drafted a memo for all employees regarding the process moving forward. CYB then trained the management team on how to handle issues if they were to occur in the future.

Per OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration), companies are required to do everything possible to keep all of their employees safe. That being said, this client was able to do so by partnering with CYB. This client did everything in their power to protect their employees, including management of the current COVID-19 outbreak, and prevention of an issue occurring in the future by creating and implementing the updated COVID-19 Standard Operating Procedure and associated policy. If they had not had CYB Human Resources in place, the result of this situation may have been much different.

Estimated Savings through CYB Human Resources Intervention: The company avoided a possible lawsuit which could include fines, tarnished reputation, safety violations, and ongoing court fees. The expenses of a lawsuit would have been quite significant for a small business.