Drunk Employee on the Job

Social Media Company Policy – HR Case Study


Location: Colorado, USA

While partnering with CYB, a client became aware that an employee had commented publicly on Facebook with inappropriate language, which was against their social medial company policy. The employee was using racial slurs and cursing which was in direct violation of the company’s beliefs, policies, and code of ethics. The employee’s profile clearly stated where he was employed and he was wearing company shirts in multiple public pictures. There are legal requirements when it comes to an employers ability to manage what an employee does off the clock, so it was important that the HR Experts at CYB were versed on the State, Local and Federal laws.

The company was contacted by a woman who sent screenshots of the comments and told them that she was appalled that they would employ someone with such racist views. She continued that she would never return to their establishment and would tell everyone she knew to never visit their establishment as they employed individuals with racist views.

Following this message, this employee was contacted and admitted to inappropriately posting online. He understood that this affected the company’s bottom line and that it was something that would not be permitted. The employee resigned from his role at the company.

CYB’s HR Experts assisted the client in reviewing and beefing up their social media company policy in order to avoid any similar situations from occurring in the future. Although there are limits on how much a company can manage their employees off company time, this directly affected the company’s bottom line which was obviously a serious issue.

Estimated Savings through CYB Human Resources Intervention and updated social media company policy: The company avoided additional damage to their reputation and loss of profit due to the fact that there was a clear policy and code of ethics in place.