Beginning April 1, 2024, the minimum wage for many fast food employees will be $20 per hour.

This new minimum wage applies to employees who work for a fast food restaurant in California that’s part of a national fast food chain. The law defines a national fast food chain as a group of limited-service restaurants that meets the following three criteria:

It has more than 60 establishments across the country
It shares a common brand, or has standardized options for appearance, marketing, packaging, and offerings
It’s primarily engaged in providing food and beverages for immediate consumption that customers select and pay for upfront with minimal or no table service
The law doesn’t apply to certain bakeries or restaurants inside grocery stores.

Required Notice
Employers with covered employees are required to post a supplement to the minimum wage order in a place where employees will frequently see it.

Future Increases
The newly created Fast Food Council will have the authority to raise this minimum wage annually beginning January 1, 2025.