A mere seven days before the new minimum wage for employees of fast food restaurants is set to take effect in California, the legislature added new exemptions to the law. (Reminder: the law only applies to restaurants that are part of a fast food chain with more than 60 locations.) 

In addition to the original exemptions for certain bakeries and restaurants inside grocery stores, the law will not apply to restaurants that are any of the following:

Located in an airport
Connected to or operated in conjunction with a hotel, event center, theme park, museum, or gambling establishment
Located in and operated in conjunction with a for-profit corporation’s office building or campus, are primarily serving the corporation’s employees or its affiliates, and are part of a concession or food service contract covering the building or campus
Located on land owned by the government and operated pursuant to a concession or food service contract
Please note that each of these exemptions has a more detailed definition under the law, which you should make sure applies before considering your establishment exempt.