The Three Steps to Building Your HR Team from the Ground Up

There comes a time in every company’s life when ignoring the need for an HR team starts to seriously affect the bottom line. Payroll is taking too long, the culture in the office is toxic, good employees are quitting. These are common problems and a sign that your small business is ready for help from an HR expert.

We recommend following these three steps to build out your team and set your company up for success.

The first step is to reset how you think about HR. When you think of HR, the first thing that comes to might is probably paperwork and payroll. In reality, HR is your first line of defense against internal company problems.

  • HR diagnoses office troubles and builds solutions.
  • HR creates and updates policies to reflect employer needs.
  • HR brings highly qualified applicants to the interview.
  • HR keeps you in compliance.
  • HR trains your team, from the newest intern all the way to management.
  • HR does so much more!

Once you recognize HR as a vital member of your team, it is time to run an internal audit.

  • Does your company have a clear mission and vision?
  • Are all jobs described and up to date?
  • Do employees know your company’s policies?
  • Do you even have company policies in place?

A thorough HR audit will find your weaknesses before the IRS or DOL does.

How do you get started running and HR audit? CYB has experience completing comprehensive HR audits for companies in many areas of focus. Click here to learn more about our HR audit process.

Once you have a full audit report, the final step is to put it to use. Reshape your company into a smoothly running machine.

  • Are managers unclear on standard operating procedures? Time to book a management training.
  • Unsure of what information needs to be kept on file? Work with your audit team to get your records up to code.
  • Are full and part-time hours defined? Update your Handbook with everything employees need to know.

Walking through the full process can be difficult without five-star HR experts to guide you through. CYB is here to support you towards your goals. Book a call with us here to learn more about how an audit can save you money, resources, time, and a visit from the IRS.