Preparing for an Influx of Employees

As you begin to hire new employees, especially if you plan to bring on a large number of employees within the next year, here are just a couple of important steps to take to make your employee investments worthwhile long term.

Keeping Employee Engagement High
Employee engagement is the strength of the mental and emotional connection employees feel towards their place of work. You want employees to feel focused and involved in the work they do. One of the biggest drivers of employee engagement is organizational and management drivers. Building understanding with employees about their place in the chain, setting clear expectations and giving employees the opportunity to grow are all great ways to build employee engagement.

Building a Strong Orientation Process
Within the first month of being hired, 17.42% of employees will leave their job. Employee turnover is bad for business, it costs money and time, which is in short supply for a small business owner. One of the reason employees leave is due to messy and unorganized onboarding. Employees need to know what they are required to do, what success looks like, and where they can improve. Setting up success profiles for your positions and having a 30 day check-in can help reduce turnover.


HR Strategies for Long Term Growth

At CYB Human Resources, we think of HR as a living, breathing arm to any successful company. Strategic HR must be built with care and forethought in order to meet the needs of future organizational structures and employees.

The most difficult part of strategic HR is creating the willingness and ability to make a change. All the planning in the world will mean nothing if the CEO is not willing to adjust. The best company is one that is fluid enough to adapt to any need.

Changing the way we understand HR also sets a company up for success. HR does not just run your payroll. HR is your coach for people-related issues, it is your project initiator and your target setter. With all the needs HR fills, you need a high level of HR staff. HR Managers need experience not only working with employees but also sitting at the decision table. Our HR Professionals are Certified and able to help with your company’s long-term planning.