Hire and Retain Top Talent

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 How to Hire Top Talent, Increase Retention, and Build a Positive Culture while Avoiding Lawsuits as an employer. 

Hiring top talent can be confusing and challenging, especially in today’s workplace. The good news? There are tons of qualified candidates who have been looking for a new place to work. The downside? The hiring is the easy part (sorry!) It is the part that comes after the hiring that can be challenging, such as building a culture where employees thrive and retaining those employees for the long haul.

Many steps must be taken to ensure that you are hiring the best team, providing a company culture that will make them happy, and retain that talent that you have spent so much time hiring and training.

A few tips we suggest….

  1. Have an updated Job Description!
    When you are hiring a new employee, having an accurate and updated job description is NUMBER ONE. Remember, the job description should be built around the position, not the person who is currently in the position.


  2. Do a salary analysis.
    It is super important when hiring a new employee to be sure that you are offering the candidate the correct pay and benefits!


  3. Advertise Your Benefits!
    If you have awesome benefits, be sure to highlight them on your job posting and throughout the hiring process. This is what sets you apart!


  4. Update Your Social Media and Website.
    Candidates will most likely be looking you up online. Be sure that your online presence is clean and positive.


  5. Update Your Interview Process
    It is important to be sure that your interview process is seamless and legal! All team members should be trained on how to conduct an interview. This should be part of your company’s hiring SOP.


  6. Update Your Hiring Standard Operating Procedure (Including background screens!)
    Check references, run backgrounds, etc.
    Be sure you are doing these things in the proper and legal order!


  7. Review Your Onboarding Process
    Be sure that your onboarding process is updated! The onboarding process is not just the first day, it can last for weeks, even months. Onboarding your employees is very important in retaining them for the long haul!

 Did you know that high turnover can be linked to company culture? 

The best way to prevent any type of HR issues is to be proactive in your business and hiring process, and stop problems before they can occur. 

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