When is the Best Time to Start the Hiring Process?

You sit down to plan your growth strategy for the next year. You know you are going to be hiring a few new employees within the next 12 months, but when is the best time to get on the job boards?

The absolute best time to start hiring a new employee is when you need them. Take account of how much work is going around and if anyone on your team is being overworked. Keeping employees happy starts with making sure that no one is overworked. Even if you do not have a full-time employee’s worth of work, hiring someone part-time can help even the load.

Knowing when it is time to hire more help is vital to long-term success.

If you have the luxury of choosing when during the year you need more help, the best time to list a job is during January or February. Many companies update job boards in the first quarter of the year, and many potential employees are looking for change following the new year. Aim for earlier in the year if you can while looking to hire new employees.