Why is it necessary to implement anti-discrimination and sexual harassment training within your company?  It is important to know how to prevent sexual harassment in small business. As a small business, your ultimate goal is to protect your employees and ensure their safety during work hours.  Here at CYB Human Resources, the best Human Resources Company in Tulsa, we are here to help train your staff to ensure the safety of your employees and to reduce liability if sexual harassment were to occur.

Many allegations may occur during or following an individual’s employment. Without the opportunity to report this harassment, an employer may be liable! CYB Human Resources provides an HR Hotline to all of our clients in order for their employees to have direct access to their HR professional. This removes the business owner from liability and provides support to the management team when issues do occur!

In recent years, the number of claims against sexual harassment has risen tremendously, especially since the #MeToo Movement has come about.  The best Human Resources Company in Tulsa will help guide your company and instill the right training to implement the proper workplace behavior between employees. In light of the #MeToo Movement, many states have begun to legally require sexual harassment training.  Even though Oklahoma has yet to legally mandate sexual harassment training, we recommend that small businesses proactively train their workforce to reduce liability.

The CYB team is trained to understand and respond to the challenges that might be presented in your workplace and we will work with your company to navigate through those challenges in a professional way.  We will train your employees by implementing a vocabulary of respect and certain behavioral expectations that should be followed while ensuring that there is a positive workplace environment.  We want to make sure that each and every employee understands the severity of a sexual harassment claim and how to take action if they see any inappropriate work behavior going on.  We will make certain that your employees have the proper knowledge and understanding of how to handle sexual misconduct if it were to happen in your company!

Here at CYB, we believe that the benefits of sexual harassment training clearly outweigh the costs of sexual misconduct.  Our goal is to provide your company with a healthy work environment that allows your employees to thrive and be productive daily without the worries of possible misconduct.  We want to help you maintain your workplace culture and continue a positive environment for all parties involved.  We will ensure that the training we provide for your company aligns with the values that your company upholds and that we go along with the policies and practices you maintain.  We provide examples for your company of behaviors that might not be considered unlawful but are not acceptable during work to ensure that employees know the consequences of acting out of line during work hours.  We want to make sure we provide a program for your company that shows the root causes of sexual harassment and the proper way to handle any accusation.  With the best Human Resources company in Tulsa, we will confidently ensure that your company has the willingness to apply this harassment training into their everyday work life!

Another benefit of working with our team, is that we provide all of our clients with an external email address to use in your policy as a reporting option!  This has been hugely beneficial for clients when dealing with complaints and issues, to ensure they are handled correctly the first time! Providing this access to your employees ensure that all of your employees have a confidential, unbiased source that they can email if they want to report sexual harassment.  With this option listed in your reporting policy, you greatly reduce your liability.  CYB will manage this email account and handle any issues that come up with you accordingly.

It is important that the training provided to your company is modernized enough so that it is relevant in light of the #MeToo movement.  The training that the best Human Resources Company in Tulsa offers you will ensure that we provide the best training that lines up with your companies culture.  We will help your company practice the correct behaviors and ways to communicate with your colleagues at work so that any type of harassment will not be perceived.  There should be a clear message sent to your company that each employee should be treated with respect and that there is no tolerance for abusive misconduct amongst employees.  Year by year, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has seen sexual harassment claims rise significantly.  With the best Human Resources Company Tulsa has to offer, we can guarantee that your company will maintain a culture of respect in all departments and help prevent your company from letting those numbers rise!

We want to help encourage your company to act professionally during work hours.  It is important to commit to tolerance and civility in your workplace.  The culture in your company needs to be reminded daily that there is no tolerance for harassment and that no matter your role in the company, each employee is held to the same standard.  Every employee, despite their position or how high up in the company they may be, is trained to learn how an allegation should be handled. It is necessary that each company have a policy in place that helps define what sexual harassment consists of and states guidelines as to how to go about addressing any complaint that is filed. We make sure that all employees are educated thoroughly and reminded often of how to handle sexual harassment if a complaint arises.  Any type of retaliation must be prevented to ensure the safety of other employees and to keep a respectful and professional environment in the workplace.  The most important thing that we encourage is that any complaint that is filed is acted on immediately and investigated thoroughly until there are conclusive results of the incident that occurred.  Here at the best Human Resources company Tulsa has to offer, we will help encourage your company to follow these guidelines to maintain a respectful workplace environment!

Let CYB, the best Human Resources Company in Tulsa help you today!  We want to ensure that your company has the best training out there regarding sexual harassment.  Email one of our HR Professionals at info@cybhumanresources.comor call us at 1-833-CYB-ASAP today!

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