Do you struggle to keep employees? How diverse is your workforce? Is the struggle due to generational differences or is it something we can fix? CYB Human Resources is the best human resources company in Tulsa and we can help with employee retention!

Our advice? Take care of your people. Simply put, if you do this, you will retain employees and have a productive staff that is eager to work and loyal to your business.

How do you take care of your people? Communicate, educate, and appreciate. If you focus on these three points you will build a strong foundation. With these three parts working, you will empower your employees, keep them motivated, and they won’t need to look for another place to work. Where are you falling short? Where can CYB, the best human resources company in Tulsa, help?

Communication has proven to be the number one issue in the workplace or lack thereof. How do you communicate with your team? Do you have a newsletter, communication board, daily or weekly meetings? How do you let your employees know what’s going on and where your company is heading? Do you share sales, customer reviews, goals? If you think about it, your job is a relationship and it needs communication just as a friendship or marriage does. It needs discussion, insight, appreciation, and a give-and-take mentality. CYB can help you build that relationship. We can design an easy and simple way of consistently communicating with your team.

The more they know, the more they’ll care. The more they care, the more they’ll do and the more they’ll share. It’s simple. Think about a sport you ever considered watching or playing. I remember football being a sport I knew I would have to become a fan of being a mom of three boys. I loathed sitting through a game even though we were OU season ticket holders. Who wouldn’t love to be at Sooner nation every Saturday? I specifically remember the day my husband and eldest son sat on each side of me and started explaining anything I asked about. It was probably one of the most fun days I’ve had in a long time. Once I started learning the calls and how the game worked, I was hooked. I was engaged and wanted to learn more. I couldn’t wait to get back to Norman the next week! Get your people in the game! Help them understand how it all works and teach them the plays. They will be on your team.

Who are your weak links? Who has potential? Sometimes the quietest employees are the ones who would jump at the opportunity to take on more. Do you have a cross-training program? What do your orientation and training programs look like? How nice would it be to have your bases covered when someone calls in or quits? CYB, the best human resources company in Tulsa, can help you with your training and Orientation programs!

According to UNC, a recent Gallup poll shows that one-third of your employees are actively engaged. It also shows that nearly half (49%) are disengaged while 18% are actively disengaged. Engaged employees are the ones that come to work and make the place better. They are happy and energetic and want the company to succeed. They feel like a part of the team. Disengaged employees are coming in just to get a paycheck. They are “numb” to the good and bad and are just going through the motions. Actively disengaged employees are the ones that spread the poison throughout the workplace. They share their negativity through attitude, words, and actions. They can turn happy employees into unhappy ones.

What does your workplace look like? What percentage of your employees are engaged and content working for you? Would you like to conduct an anonymous survey for your employees to gauge where your crew stands? CYB, the best human resources company in Tulsa, can help you do that! It’s a great starting point and can help you identify what you are doing right and what you can improve. The survey can involve as many layers as you’d like. Our HR consultants can help you create a customized survey for your business and can report back to you what your people said. If you’d like to go a step further, we can help you with an action plan to fix those things that aren’t working so well.

Cross-training is a great tool to help disengaged employees become engaged. Cross-training helps expose employees to a variety of skills and roles so they can not only help when others are out but can help them see as an opportunity for growth within your company. That vision for growth makes them want to stay. Cross-training, although it takes some time initially, certainly pays off in many ways. You will have an engaged and productive team that can help relieve a lot of stress and time for you in later days. Once you have an employee that feels confident and needed, they will share their knowledge and be willing to help in several different areas.

Do you have any rock stars or overachievers you need to shed some light on? How do you thank your employees? A simple thank you goes a long way, but every once in a while it’s good to step out, get creative, and go the extra mile for your employees, just as they do for you. Do you recognize your top performers in a meeting? Do you ever offer to take them to lunch? Do you have any incentive programs at all? CYB, the best human resource company in Tulsa, can help you with incentive programs!
As a business owner, you are busy. Let CYB, the best human resources company in Tulsa, help you save time by conquering these three vital parts of your business. We can help make your work life fun and rewarding for all.

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