Drunk Employee on the Job

Drunk Employee on the Job – HR Case Study

Location: Texas, USA

While partnering with CYB, a client contacted their HR Manager when they became aware that there was “a Drunk Employee on the Job.”  The employee was slurring, falling, and generally causing a scene at their restaurant.

The client was concerned that this employee would injure themselves or others while carrying trays and moving around the restaurant.

Prior to this, CYB’s HR Experts had assisted the client in implementing updated policies, including a drug policy. Management had been trained by CYB to recognize and manage situations such as this. The drug policy included “for cause” testing which permitted them to send this individual for drug testing due to observation.

The employee was driven to urgent care, per the company policy and SOP (Standard Operating Procedure,)and was found to be under the influence of alcohol and narcotics at the time.

The company required employees to be free from mind-altering substances for obvious reasons, including the fact that an accident could occur and cause harm to patrons or employees themselves. When CYB was notified, “an employee is drunk at work,” it was an urgent situation.

The employee was let go as they were unable to do their job as described in their job description and in violation of company policy on which they had been trained.

Estimated Savings through CYB Human Resources Intervention: The company avoided a potential injury occurring at their restaurant which would have resulted in costly expenses, possible lawsuits and court fees, and damage to its reputation.