Drunk Employee on the Job

Workplace Violence Small Business – HR Case Study

Location: Texas, USA

CYB Human Resources was called in to assist a client with their organizational structure after it was established that a problem employee must be let go.

During the initial consult, CYB was made aware that this employee was not doing his job and was threatening violence against other employees and the company as a whole. The management team was worried about retaliation if they terminated him immediately. The owner’s greatest concern was that upon termination this employee would become violent and injure another employee or himself, either on the day of the termination or would return in the future. Workplace Violence at a Small Business is a real threat today.

CYB worked with the client to review their current security and safety protocol in preparation for the termination. After further review, it was determined that many areas needed to be addressed, including the lack of security when entering the building. Additionally, the entire front office was constructed of glass. It is worth noting that this glass was not bulletproof and from the outside of the building, multiple employees who were working in the area were constantly visible to anyone looking in from the outside.

The client decided to have their security upgraded to protect their employees and their company. CYB guided them while they installed security doors on every entrance, assigned all employees security badges, and upgraded their video surveillance system.

When it was time for the termination, in order to avoid Workplace Violence at a Small Business, the client decided that having a security guard present would potentially deter the further escalation of the issue.

Upon termination, the employee was walked out the front door without additional pushback. CYB assisted the client in documenting the entire process, including the corrective actions, an updated security policy, surveillance policy, and Standard Operating Procedure for future terminations. CYB trained all employees on workplace violence and how to handle a situation if and when it were to occur in the future. Also documented was the companies clear effort to provide a safe work environment moving forward for all employees. The company was proud to avoid Workplace Violence at a Small Business.

Estimated Savings through CYB Human Resources Intervention: The company avoided potential fallout and a Workplace Violence at a Small Business situation that could have resulted in serious injury to other employees, extensive lawsuits, and damage to the business’s reputation.