When do you know that it is time to refocus on your HR team?

Like all things business, there are key indicators you can look for which paint a picture of your business’s current state of HR.

  • There is too much gossip in the office.
    • All companies have some watercooler gossiping, which is often even a healthy part of workplace culture. However, when major decisions start to filter down, that is an issue.
  • Making false promises.
    • If employees are getting false promises, morale will be hurt when those promises aren’t met.
  • The rules are too inflexible.
    • If employee needs aren’t being adapted to, people are going to go elsewhere.
  • HR and Higher-Ups don’t understand what employees do.
    • Not just job descriptions and compensation but knowing what the day-to-day looks like so they can connect.
  • Asking for opinions but never follow up.
    • If surveys are going out or you are asking your employees for their opinion, but then nothing changes. Or worse, you aren’t talking with employees at all.

These issues are common, especially in small businesses. Recognize and address these problems before they can grow out of control. If you think any of the above might be present in your small business, set up a free consultation with an HR expert here and ask them if the signs are there.