Top 10 Small Business HR Tips

Top 10 Small Business HR Tips

Here are our Top 10 Small Business HR Tips for your company:

Hire slowly & fire quickly, but not too quickly! 

Hiring is crucial to the success of your business.  Be sure that your hiring process includes proper pre-screening (background & reference checks, and drug screening for safety-sensitive roles!) Do not move a bad employee around your company. If they are not performing to your standards in one role, there is a good chance that they will not perform in the new role.

First Impressions Matter, Create a professional onboarding process! You only make a first impression once, project a professional image. 👌 You want your new employees to see you and your company at their best.  Build out an onboarding program that you would want when you start working at a business. Include things like notes from the CEO, a buddy system, etc. There are so many great options!

Treat your team well, happy employees will make your life easier! Treat others as you wish to be treated. Set your employees up for success, and provide the proper support and training! There is no common sense in Small Business HR and that is why this is included in our Top 10 Small Business HR Tips.

Don’t micromanage, you did not hire a team to do their job AND yours!

Provide the proper training to your team. Understand that mistakes will happen, allow them.

As long as a mistake doesn’t sink the ship, they will learn from it and do better next time. ✅ Create an environment of open communication and learning.

Document processes so that they are easily transferable.

Employees will surprise you with unique ways of doing things, allow that creativity, it may surprise you! 😉

Do not micromanage, stand over your employees, and question their every move. You hired them because you trust them.

Set clear expectations, no one likes to guess what is expected of them!

Have clear expectations, an updated employee handbook, and open communication. Allow time and space for employee feedback, many times, the feedback will be beneficial for the entire team! 👋 Learn from each other. 😃

Increase retention and decrease turnover by providing a clear path for internal employee growth. 📈

If you only have one level of a role, with no opportunity for growth (personally, professionally, or financially,) you will lose your best players. 😵 Create levels in job descriptions, reflecting different backgrounds, education, experiences, etc.

Match those job descriptions up with proper salary ranges by doing a salary analysis. 💰💰

Provide employees with an unbiased outlet to discuss concerns, ask questions and speak openly! Sometimes employees just want to be heard, and at a small business that is not always easy. Provide an option for employees to voice concerns and suggestions, and to speak freely without fear of retaliation. This will improve your culture and provide an opportunity for overall growth. You can learn about our Concierge HR Hotline here! This hotline is managed by our team of HR Experts – you can trust your issues are being handled professionally.

Be honest when interviewing, do not set false expectations!

If you are interviewing for a position where the employee will be cleaning porter potties, do not tell them that it will be a clean, office job. 😑 If the max salary for the role is 60K, but one time, 20 years ago, one person made 80K (due to an error or a random bonus,) do not use that individual in the example when interviewing. 😵

These may seem like extreme examples, but you would be shocked by what we have seen. 🙃🙃🙃 Employees will quit when they realize they have been misguided and you will be back to square one. 😩

Know and comply with the law! Local, State, and Federal!

Employment law is extensive and ever-changing. 😰😰😰 Be sure that you are aware of employment laws, and that you have an HR Expert to refer to when issues occur. This is an obvious to land in the Top 10 Small Business HR Tips.

It is quicker and more efficient to reach out to a team like CYB, versus spending hours upon hours Googling a problem and hoping for the best. 🙃 I mean, have you seen what happens when you google “why do I have a headache?” WebMD will have you think you are dying. 🙈😂

Trust the experts, particularly HR Experts.

Document your processes in Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and train your managers on them!

All processes that are done more than once should be documented. 👌

The process can be amended, but it is important that processes are clear and transferable. 😊 If one team member is sick or quits, it is important that you can transfer a task to another team member so your business does not implode. 🚩🚩🚩


There are so many Small Business HR Tips and Tricks from our HR Experts that we do not have enough space to add them all.


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