Outsource HR


Bringing Value to Your Company with an Outsourced HR Department 

Every decision you make for your small business needs to bring value to your company.

If you have a few employees or are thinking of hiring an internal HR Specialist, it is time to learn more about outsourcing your HR Department.  


There are a few major benefits to outsourcing HR that we want you to know about…


1. Flexibility.

Outsourced HR allows for flexibility where an internal HR does not. Are you looking for help part-time to run payroll and manage employees? Do you need a total overhaul of your HR systems? Or is your internal department looking for additional help? Outsourced HR will grow with you through every phase of growth without missing a beat.

2. Save time and refocus on your business.

Outsourcing HR also saves time and allows you to refocus on revenue generating tasks. Many of our clients have come to us while wearing too many hats. If your CEO is also completing HR tasks, that does not leave enough time in the day to keep your company running smoothly, nor does it allow the time or energy to remain compliant in the areas of employment, labor and immigration law, or payroll. Save yourself time and gain the confidence that your bases are covered.

3. Quick start and fast service.

Our experience in HR means that we come to the table with the resources you need and can quickly create personalized Handbooks, Trainings, Policies, and Procedures. With outsourced HR, you do not need to start from the beginning.


Outsourced HR brings you all of the benefits above, and at a lower cost than hiring an internal HR Specialist.


Terminating an Employee

Sometimes business decisions must be made for the good of the business, like terminating an employee who is not working out 😊

However, you may be concerned that you will walk right into a lawsuit by terminating the wrong employee 😳 We help clients walk through these issues all the time! ✅ Termination is not as simple as parting ways with a trouble employee.

Do you know how to protect your business while terminating an employee?

Schedule a call with me today to learn how we help clients avoid EEOC charges and lawsuits by having CYB in place 👌🏼