HR in a Box
Set Your Small Business up for Success from Day One

CYB’s HR in a Box offers an essential solution for businesses looking to establish a strong HR foundation. By focusing on prevention rather than reaction, this comprehensive suite minimizes the risk of HR-related issues, saving valuable resources in the long run. Ensuring compliance with employment laws and regulations, the package significantly reduces the chances of EEOC charges or expensive lawsuits, freeing businesses to concentrate on growth and innovation.

This proactive approach not only shields your business from potential legal pitfalls but also fosters a positive workplace culture. Through fair practices and a safe environment, CYB’s HR in a Box contributes to long-term employee satisfaction and loyalty. Ultimately, it’s an investment that not only solidifies HR basics but also fuels overall business success.

Employee Handbook

An updated, compliant, customized Employee Handbook is the most basic tool used to scale your business. A properly built out Employee Handbook allows the business owner to make business decisions without the fear of an EEOC charge or a lawsuit. Our HR in a Box Employee Handbooks are customized for your company, including all HR compliance for your industry, location and headcount.


Standard Operating Procedures

Standard Operating Procedures are a major part of day-to-day business. SOPs are important for all areas of the company, specifically HR. SOPs allow the business owner the freedom to know that the processes their management team are implementing are legally compliant, easy to follow, and will prevent a misstep that could cost thousands of dollars. The first three SOPs our team will create for you are Hiring, Corrective Actions & Terminations and Workplace Injuries/Illnesses.

HR Compliance Report

HR compliance means adhering to all applicable labor laws. Depending on the size and location of your company, there are laws that you must abide by. From interviewing, to hiring, to firing, to final paychecks, to employee relations issues, and so many more, the laws may differ! We will do a complete HR Compliance review for you to be sure that you are locked up tight and prepared to manage any issue that may come your way! CYB’s HR in a Box is a no brainer to get started!